In a conscientious effort to become a better person, many people want to give. Some feel it’s their duty as a morally sound person to try and benefit those who are less fortunate. Unfortunately, many find it overwhelming. There are hundreds of thousands of different charities asking for donations of all sorts every day. That’s why people are looking for alternatives to donating that still have a positive impact in the community. Many would-be givers want to contribute in a way that goes beyond providing a few dollars or a check once a year and know that their skills helped another in need, or want to contribute but don’t have the financial means to do so. Here, I outline a few ways that you can create positive change without opening your wallet.


Donating Time Is Just As Valuable

The donation of time is just as valuable as money. Many organizations need volunteers for a variety of different tasks in their organization. This can include things such as light cleaning, answering phones, going door-to-door, cleaning up neighborhoods, and more. Instead of trying to do too much to please everyone, a person should focus their attention on one to two organizations that they feel an emotional connection with. That will help them become more passionate about devoting time if they feel connected.


Helping Neighbors In Need

If a person wants to make a difference on a small local level, all they need to do is look around their neighborhood. There are plenty of options for volunteering time from cleaning up the neighborhood to helping an elderly neighbor with tasks around the home. People often get a sense of fulfillment from doing things locally because they can see the immediate positive results from their efforts. These efforts will also inspire others in the neighborhood to do the same.


Donate Blood

There is always a need for blood donations. This is especially true in times of mass casualties and natural disasters. There are quite a few different blood banks in a person’s city that will accept donations with or without an appointment. This is a great way for a person to see tangible results from donating of themselves because they are saving a life. Donating blood is also quick, easy, and often comes with an incentive.


Donating doesn’t always have to involve money. Oftentimes, time and effort are more valuable to an organization. A person can make a difference in the world just by giving of themselves. It’s a great way for a person to not spread themselves too thin financially. It’s also a great way to broaden their reach to more organizations that may need help.