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5 Non-profit Podcasts to Listen To Today

Podcast listening is a wonderful way to learn about everything from astrophysics to animal training. If you’re looking for more information about philanthropic giving, getting involved in charity work, or just some feel-good warm fuzzies, then you should give these charity podcasts a listen!

Stanford Social Innovation Review
The SSIR podcasts are informative and cutting-edge, covering the trends in charitable impact through every phase of the system – from giving to good works in action and the best practices that are making a difference in communities around the world.

Philanthropy Hour
Philanthropy Hour is a podcast created by Greg Cherry to get donors informed and involved beyond the checks they write. Cherry interviews nonprofit leaders about social innovations to inspire philanthropic giving and civic engagement. It’s an inspiring listen!

The Impact Podcast
This podcast takes a more personal approach to social innovation, exploring how people can be community-minded innovators and change-makers in their day-to-day lives.

Tiny Spark
Tint Spark is a nonprofit news program that delivers investigative reports on domestic and international charities. Tiny Spark inspires a thoughtful and holistic approach to giving by analyzing all aspects of charitable work to do the greatest good.

The Social Strategist Project
The Social Strategist Project is a service of the Georgetown University Center for Social Impact Communication. The core mission of this podcast is to profile “disruptive social impact leaders” who are changing the world for the better, and explore how everyday people can adopt some of their passions for change.

The Business of Giving
The Business of Giving brings together everyone from celebrity spokespersons to CEOs who are on the cutting edge of effecting change. The charities and personalities will inspire you to lean into the causes that matter most in your life.

About Timothy Powers Alamo

Based in Alamo, California, Timothy Powers is a seasoned real estate professional with over twenty years of industry experience. Powers obtained his real estate license in 1989, and by 1996, he had opened his own Alamo-based mortgage company, Paragon Mortgage Bankers, Inc. In 2005, Timothy Powers opened a franchise for Intero Real Estate Services, a leading broker of real estate in California. Over the course of his career, gross sales for both of these companies have exceeded $1.5 billion.  Powers currently serves as the President and CEO of Paragon Real Estate Services, Alamo. The company specializes in real estate sales, short sales and foreclosures.

Outside of his professional endeavors, Timothy Powers is a committed philanthropist who cares about helping others in the community. While he supports a wide range of causes, Powers is particularly passionate about helping families of enlisted military on active duty, working as a suicide prevention counselor, serving as a mentor to those with substance abuse issues, assisting families at Stanford Health Care (Kaiser Hospital, Walnut Creek, CA).

Timothy Powers understands how quickly families and individuals can fall on hard times. He watched both parents, as well as a brother and sister, die of cancer. He also witnessed people close to him develop substance abuse problems. These experiences have provided Timothy Powers with the compassion and understanding to help those going through difficult life situations in a non-judgemental way so that they can get through their problems.

Real Estate Assistance for Military Families

He is particularly passionate about helping families of enlisted military on active duty. While some soldiers are protected under the Service member Civil Relief Act, Timothy Powers understands that some families may find out that they don’t qualify for this assistance. Powers is committed to helping families of military personnel find available government assistance, as well as legal assistance.

With more than twenty years in real estate, as well as eight years of foreclosure experience, Alamo resident Timothy Powers plans to use his hard-earned skills to help those who have fallen on hard times. Timothy Powers’ emphasis will be on helping those on active duty in the military and those who are coping with serious illness in the family, with the hope of helping these families survive these tough economic times.


Hospital Chaplain

During the summer of 2014, Timothy Powers also spent a total of over 400 hours at Stanford Health Care (Kaiser Hospital, Walnut Creek) as a Hospital Chaplain, successfully completing his Clinical Pastoral Education. His duties included spiritual and emotional counseling to patients and families that are in crisis while in the intensive care unit.


Suicide Prevention Counselor

Timothy Powers has spent time as a suicide prevention counselor with the Contra Costa Crisis Center. The center’s mission is to keep people alive and safe, help them through crises, and connect them with culturally relevant resources in the community. You can learn more about the Contra Costa Crisis Center on their official website.


Substance Abuse Chaplain

Furthermore, Powers spends one day a week as volunteer with the Salvation Army Adult Rehabilitation Nonprofit, counseling participants and giving them emotional and spiritual support as they focus on healing from drug and alcohol abuse. The Salvation Army Adult Rehabilitation Center is a holistic rehabilitation center comprised of religious activities, work therapy, educational classes (spiritual, emotional, financial, life skills, and addiction) as well as recreational therapy. You can learn more about the Salvation Army Adult Rehabilitation Nonprofit on their official website.