Thanksgiving is quickly approaching and what better way to give thanks than to find a way to give to others. There are so many people that truly want to give back but don’t know how. If you feel as if you fall into that category here are a few options for you:

Spread the history
People can give back to others on Thanksgiving simply by talking about the origins of the holiday. Discussing Pilgrims, harvesting and related topics can help people feel the spirit of it all.

Open up your heart and your home
It can be a wonderful gesture to open your home up to other people on the holiday. If you have a neighbor or coworker who has nowhere to go on Thanksgiving, you may want to consider inviting him or her over to enjoy a hearty and cozy meal.

Volunteer work can be a terrific option for people who want to give back on the holiday. You can think about spending your holiday in a local soup kitchen helping people who need warm food and relaxation.

Charity can also be a wonderful option for people who want to give back. If you don’t have the time to devote to volunteer work in your neighborhood, don’t fret. You can also think about donating money to a reputable organization in your area. You can also think about donating supplies. Old clothing that’s still in good condition can go a long way. Donating food items can help people in need, too. Philanthropy is important during the holiday season. Philanthropy and charity can help people out in ways you can’t even imagine.

Pay it forward
Do a good favor for someone else. Pay it forward. You don’t have to expect anything back, though. If you want to feel good about your place in the world, you should consider a random act of kindness. It doesn’t matter if you help an elderly neighbor unpack her groceries. It doesn’t matter if you walk a friend’s dog. Show your gratitude.