April is a busy month for charities and causes across the board. From women’s rights to environmental protection to politics, there are a lot of issues that choose to call attention to the need for donations, volunteers, and awareness throughout not only the US but the world. Below are the causes that claim April and ways that you can participate in raising awareness and helping to solve the issues.


Domestic Violence Awareness: Women’s rights advocates have selected April to call for increased protection and public aid for victims of domestic violence. A highly taboo subject, domestic violence is a more pervasive problem than many people realize for a number of reasons, including the victim’s personal shame, fear of not being believed, or fear of the perpetrator. Many laws have attempted to make it easier for victims to flee from unsafe environments and seek protection, but we have a ways to go societally in how we support survivors. If you want to make a difference in the lives of domestic violence victim/survivors, consider contacting your local women’s shelters or counselling centers and seeing what they need. Often, gently used clothing is a welcome contribution. They may also have some handiwork they need done in their facilities.


Earth Day: Starting in the 1970s, April 22 has marked Earth Day, during which we reflect on the environment and what we have done to either protect or hurt it.  As of late, environmental issues have fallen further and further down the priority list as housing developments pop up and toxins from trucks and power plants continue to pollute the planet. More species are finding themselves endangered or at risk with little done to protect their habitats. To make a charitable donation to an organization that will help protect the earth and make environmental matters a top-tier priority, consider donating to the World Wildlife Fund, which deploys people and financial support to the protection and preservation of natural habitats for endangered species. You can also talk to your local university and see what efforts they have to keep the planet intact and donate to a specific project they have underway in your own community.


Autism Awareness: Autism Spectrum Disorder affects the way people take in and handle sensory input and can affect the way they interact with others. Despite some controversy as to the cause of the cognitive condition, it’s been receiving more and more research funding, and public accommodations for those with sensory sensitivity is becoming more commonplace. To help support research, talk with your local disability center and see what kinds of donations would be helpful, including money, volunteered time, or other items. You may also want to talk with local schools or counseling centers that help families with members with special needs to see how you can participate in supporting them.