It’s that time of year again, Christmas music is echoing through stores and offices, colorful lights are strung across houses and trees, and people are starting to think about ways they can give back this time of year. Whether philanthropy is something you do often, or this is your first Christmas giving to a charity, here are 3 ways you can help fulfill the Holiday spirit of giving back.

Charitable donations  

The act of giving money to those less fortunate is one of the oldest and still best ways to give to those in need. Professional charities have the resources and infrastructure to use your dollars in a way that will most benefit the cause you choose. Speaking of causes, there is a charity for nearly every cause, group, or organization you could imagine. Find something you are passionate about giving to and find a reputable charity that supports your cause.


If your finances won’t allow a cash donation, perhaps you have some time available to support a worthy cause? Many organizations use Christmas time to raise awareness of their need for volunteers and your local area should have many organizations that could use your help. Whether it’s a soup kitchen, homeless shelter, or boys and girls clubs, your work and time will be appreciated.

Winter Clothing Drives:

Even if you may not have the time or money to give back this year, you can still make a huge difference in someone’s life by donating your old winter clothes. Generally items for cold weather that are still in good shape are eligible, and will be handed out at shelters to help provide warmth and comfort to those in need.

As you can see, there is always a way to give back. After all, spreading the joy of the season is the best present you can give yourself.